Your Home: Wrapping the Perfect Present
December, 2011
Your Home: Wrapping the Perfect Present

This morning a parcel arrived addressed to me, which is always exciting but this particular parcel contained my Christmas wrapping secret weapon….ribbon, tags and other lovely bits and pieces from the fabulous Jane Means. I always use plain brown paper and then add ribbon and other unique decorations to make each gift different (which according to home guru and newly crowned Queen of Craft, Kirstie Allsopp is the style we all should be going for this year!). Jane Means makes the perfect accessories to really jazz up your brown paper parcels. To help you on your way with wrapping, Jane has sent me her top tips for creating lovely looking presents and if you want to stock up on her products then head to Not on the High Street where they have a great selection.

What are the basic tools you need for creating lovely-looking presents?
Sharp Scissors, Double Sided Tape, Ribbon, Decorations and Wrapping Materials. Paper is sufficient for box style wrapping however it’s good to have some flexible wrapping for awkward shapes (see below).  Be organised and work from a table and not the floor.

What themes do you most commonly recommend?
Brown Paper is a classic and looks particularly good with shaker style ribbons such as red gingham.  I personally like to have a plain paper so it acts like a blank canvas and you can add a variety of ribbons and decorations (remember pattern papers are very limiting).  It’s also a cost saving idea to buy non festive wrap so it can be used all year round such as dots, damask or stripes.

What are your top tips for lovely looking parcels?
The finishing touches make gifts looked special.  Paper can be pleated Japanese style and try and use double sided tape .  If you use sellotape, use small amounts and try and cover with ribbon if possible.  Also fold any rough edges under so they look polished.

Are there budget ways to make a present look nice?
Try not to use too much ribbon – if you do a cross of ribbon with a bow around a box you use twice as much as if you tied a simple band around.  You can also tie in sticks, cones and foliage off country walks.  Old Christmas decorations and inexpensive baubles look great added to Christmas gifts.  For children you can add a balloon or candy cane to the gift as an extra treat.  Try also to recycle!

{Images via Jane Means}