Your Home: Super Stylish ‘Ikea Hack’
February, 2012
Your Home: Super Stylish ‘Ikea Hack’

I can’t believe it’s Friday again…I really needed at least ten days this week as I haven’t managed to dent my to-do-list at all. Just a quick post to share this amazing ‘Ikea Hack’ table upcycle – I think it’s absolutely genius – simple to do and the finished product is so stylish!

The wood was joined simply with just a drill, so no need to be uber practical and have a whole host of tools – here is step by step of how to make the sides:

(1) Drill a hole
(2) Fill it with glue and stick a piece of dowel into it.
(3) Drill a hole in the other piece and fill it with glue or get the dowel all gluey (you can’t use too much glue).
(4) Push it in flush and wipe up the glue overflow.

To assemble the desk, lay out all the wood strips on the floor and join them. Then drill holes all the way through the table legs and slide the whole side structure in. After the glue has dried fill the holes with wood filler and sand it smooth. You can then sand the whole table and paint whatever colour you choose! This is going to be my first ‘Ikea Hack’ and I can’t wait!

Have a lovely weekend.



{Design and images by Matsutake}