Your Home: Old School Wallpaper
July, 2011
Your Home: Old School Wallpaper
{Cricket Natural}
P and I had the most exciting news on Friday afternoon…we have had our offer accepted on the house we’ve fallen in love with! I know that I probably shouldn’t get too carried away until we’ve at least exchanged contracts, but I can’t help starting to daydream about all the small changes we will make. The house itself is in perfect condition and doesn’t need any renovating, which is what we wanted as it’s to be our home and we are so tired of building site living!

But there are still superficial updates to be made, which are as much fun to research and plan, but a lot less stressful to implement! The first things on my mind are the walls; currently they are white so there is definitely room for us to add some colour and texture and I can’t think of a better way to do it than by using patterned wallpaper to create an accent wall.

I adore these designs by interior designers Turner Pocock who have teamed up with talented artist (and school friend of mine) Catherine Cazalet to create this collection. It can be divided into two themes, English Sports and Wild Animals and both have a contemporary feel with traditional English influences in colour, subject and pattern. 

The hardest part is choosing which lovely design to use as they are all fab! Which one would you choose? 

{Tennis Natural}
{Ostrich Neutral Pink}
{Ibis Taupe Magenta}
{Zebra Blue Grey}
{Polar Bear Neutral Turquoise}
All images via Turner Pocock Cazalet