Welcome Home Little Lola!
August, 2014
Welcome Home Little Lola!

This year work has been crazy and as a result I have been sadly neglecting the blog, simply because the time is just not there to sit in a calm space and write!

I now have a bit of downtime as our builders have headed back to Poland for a well earned six week break, while P and I are settle into our new home having moved from Jedburgh Street a few weeks ago. I will share some photos of Jedburgh Street with you soon – in fact I have a lot of posts stored in my head that I can’t wait to share with you over the coming weeks and months as I’m hoping this downtime will allow me to write more as well as to do  some forward planning, so that I can maintain my posting during the hectic schedule of a building project!

Anyway, I have a short post today to touch base and introduce you to our new member of the family – the adorable Lola arrived yesterday. I can’t wait to share more pictures of her in future with of course Coco, who so far seems to love her new little friend!


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