Merry Christmas!
December, 2016
Merry Christmas!


I want to wish all my lovely readers a really Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year – I really hope that 2017 is a lovely, calm and positive year for everyone. 

We are finally feeling a bit settled in the new house – it was a very stressful first month, with almost everything that could break/not work deciding to do so! These last few days have felt much calmer though and having the Christmas tree brings a smile to my face every time I walk into the room.

I want to finish the year with a lovely story and hopefully a good omen for our new home and the year ahead. 

Yesterday morning Patrick and I got back from some last minute food shopping in Poundbury and whilst unpacking into the fridge, we heard a noise coming from the Christmas Tree. I put it down to needles dropping and rustling on the way down, but after a few more minutes we heard a different sound. It sounded like a tweeting, but the bird decorations on the tree don’t speak, so we headed over to take a closer look (the dogs were super excited by the drama!) and found a little Robin flitting between the branches!

We have no idea how he could have got in – with recent stormy weather windows haven’t been open and the doors only briefly to go in and out, but there he was happily sitting on the tree. We would have loved for him to have stayed, but we opened a window and after a moment or two he flew out into the garden. 

It really made us smile and was lovely thing to happen at Christmas – a happy note to end the year on!

Happy Christmas and look forward to catching up with you all in 2017.



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