Limited Editions From Lumitrix
September, 2013
Limited Editions From Lumitrix
Despite being married to a very talented photographer, we are very bad at hanging pictures and artwork on our walls; it’s always one of the last things we do having moved into a new home. We have literally thousands of stunning images taken by P to choose from, but despite this our walls are still bare. Probably because we have too much choice and P is always too busy to printing anything!

This post is my way of kickstarting the process…I am in love with and have just ordered one of the images from this lovely collection on Lumitrix, a pioneering online gallery selling work by contemporary photographers. They sell limited edition prints from a selection of talented photographers and each image retails at a reasonable £50. 

Photographers include Alice Temperley’s little sister, Matilda and the super talented Astrid Harrisson who took these beautiful equine images. She has travelled to all corners of the earth, from the mountains of Mongolia to the foothills of the Andes, in a bid to understand horses and cultures where they are found. Having grown up with horses around me at both home and school, I am a huge fan and can’t wait to have one of these beauties hanging in our home!

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{Images via Lumitrix}