July Moments
July, 2017
July Moments

Laura Butler-Madden's July Moments

I’m sitting at my desk after a slightly frantic day trying to get everything sorted before going on holiday. Is it just me or do you ever feel that the amount you have to get done, sorted and organised before going away, almost justifies a mini-break to recover before your actual holiday?! Needless to say I am exhausted and very much in need of a few weeks R&R.

Which leads me onto my next point – how is it August tomorrow? Where has that time gone? All year I’ve been saying to friends and work mate that things will calm down soon and that we’ll be back to normal soon too (i.e. focusing on blog and design work and not renovating two properties at the same time!). We are now finally in that position – when we return from holiday we genuinely will be just working on ‘normal’ things. I can’t wait to spend a lot more time on the blog, I have lots of exciting plans and now I will hopefully have the time to put them into action.

So July for us has been mainly a month of completion. It began with the most gorgeous reunion at my prep school, Hanford in Dorset. The most glorious English country day – picnics  on the lawn and so many lovely friends that I have known now for a frightening number of years! A gorgeous way to start the month. Then it became about finally finishing the house and the flat renovation we’ve been working on in London. I really thought I would have been typing that a few months ago – the aim was to have all done by April, but as always these things run on.

So we are now there and I get to go away on holiday for a few weeks and reflect on all the hard work. When we return it will be ‘normal’ work for the first time in years, and I am really looking forward to it. Just after we are back there is a very exciting shoot happening in Dorset (more of which I will reveal soon), and I’m really looking forward to relaxing and enjoying our home at last. It’s been an 18 month project, but really worth it – it’s such a special place and I look forward to sharing more rooms over the coming months.

I hope you all have a lovely month and let’s hope the summer sunshine returns to us soon, if it’s not back before I am, I’ll try to bring it with me!

Laura x