Decadence & Romance From Germauld Paris 1947
October, 2015
Decadence & Romance From Germauld Paris 1947

This week I want to share with you one of the most romantic discoveries I made recently in Paris. I am a real sucker for candles; my favourite UK candle is fragrance No 3 by Bella Bellissima, available online from Selfridges. Whilst in Paris I wanted to track down some of the oldest and most traditional brands over there, which led me to the lovely Germauld. Founded by Mademoiselle Simone in 1947, the brand celebrates the beauty of Paris and each scent is inspired by areas of the city.

I chose Avenue de L’Opera as it’s a part of the city that I love – on my wishlist for this year is to go to a ballet at the Opera de Paris, such a stunning building in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The descriptions that Germauld use for the scents are as romantic as their black and gold branding – Avenue de L’Opera is described below:

“Mademoiselle Simone is walking down the avenue de l’Opera. She is still filled with emotion after just seeing Carmen for the first time. While walking through the Parisian night, she thinks of the tragic conclusion of the final scene. When the heavy, red velvet curtains closed, Mademoiselle Simone could detect the feverish scent of passion. Still now, in the heat of the night air of the city, there is an intoxicating perfume of sexuality. The fatal fragrance of thwarted love created by combining steaming seduction with burning desire.”

Isn’t it the most magical description? The scent is just as good – I highly recommend these candles if you are wanting to add some romance and decadence to your home!


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{Images by Patrick Butler-Madden}