Celebrating the Humble Daisy
May, 2012
Celebrating the Humble Daisy

This weekend I started thinking about the humble Daisy and how sadly underrated it is. Another of my favourite flowers, it’s always the little things that give me such pleasure like admiring this little flower on my daily walk with Coco! Resilient (no amount of mowing will get rid of them, which is why some would call them a weed) they spring into action at this time of year and keep on flowering throughout the Summer. 

Not only do they offer an innocent, low key beauty when spotted amongst the grass, but they also bring back such happy memories of lying in the sunshine as a child making daisy chains. Brought indoors, they are great flowers to use to decorate your home, your table or even incorporated into your wedding flowers.

As you can see from the pictures below they really do look stunning in all settings and one fact I bet you didn’t know is that they can also be used as a herb…young leaves can be eaten raw or cooked (although they do become less tasty with age) and the flower buds and petals can also be eaten raw in sandwiches, soups and salads, so you can even use them add style and beauty to your plate!


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{Images via Pinterest}