Celebrate Father’s Day with The Biscuiteers
May, 2016
Celebrate Father’s Day with The Biscuiteers

Father’s Day gift buying is always a challenge – Mother’s Day is much simpler; flowers, candles, bubble bath – so many indulgent treats to choose from, but for fathers, things are much trickier. This year I was so thrilled with my discovery whilst pottering along the Northcote Road in Battersea – a beautiful box of Classic Car Show biscuits, the perfect gift for my Pa who is a huge classic car fan. 

I snapped up a tin and am very excited to give them to him in a couple of weeks time…if P hasn’t eaten them all by then! If you haven’t yet discovered Biscuiteers, it’s the most lovely company/concept; beautiful biscuits handmade and iced by hand and so many lovely options to choose from. As well as the Classic Car Collection there are some lovely ideas for Father’s Day including the Big Breakfast Biscuit Collection and a whole box of racing bikes too.


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{Images by Patrick Butler-Madden}