Bridport or French Brocante?
May, 2012
Bridport or French Brocante?
Last weekend P and I had a sneaky break before his busy season begins…from mid-May until the end of October his weekends as well as week days are filled with work and I have to grab moments with him between meetings, shoots and the hours of editing that follows. Before all that kicks off we headed down to France with Coco in tow for a house swap {which was fantastic…more of that on a later post…} to explore the brocantes and indulge in too much local cheese and wine.

You might be wondering at what point Bridport comes into this…although we had a wonderful time in our French home away from home, the brocantes and bric a brac we found left us longing for Bridport and the weekly antique market on South Street and the wonderful St Michaels Trading Estate; a permanent warehouse full of amazing delights, a haven for those like me who love to browse and bag a bargain. The things we’ve found on our trip to France were a little dull and very overpriced, making us really appreciate how wonderful and unique Bridport is. I’m sure there are lots of brocantes with some wonderful bargains but sadly for us on this trip, we didn’t discover them.To celebrate Bridport here are some lovely pictures of the town…have a great weekend and if you’re in the area I would highly recommend the market tomorrow!


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