BM Wedding: Back at Babington!
May, 2013
BM Wedding: Back at Babington!
These are the parting shots from our wedding – once we were back at Babington the time really did fly. We had been warned that this would be the case, but the evening seemed to pass in a flash. We were greeted at the doors by a line up of waiters with trays of champagne saucers and as we were the first to arrive it really felt like our own private house, like a scene from Downton Abbey, magical! 

We had speeches before dinner and were then treated to an amazing banquet, the food at Babington really is out of this world – cosy, hearty fare and there really was plenty to go round. After dinner we had cocktails and pudding canapes in the bar and I had a special surprise for P, Sophie Barker, the singer from one of his all time favourite bands, Zero 7, sang Destiny for our first song followed by a couple of fantastic sets before the beautiful and super talented Annie Bea took to the stage to play us into the early hours. 

We had a ball, so many happy memories and Babington really was the perfect place to party!

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{Images by Caught The Light}