Blue & White Ceramics from Sophie Conran
March, 2015
Blue & White Ceramics from Sophie Conran
I hope you all had a gorgeous weekend? We went to Mells in Somerset, which is one of our favourite places partly because it’s the village where P and I got married and partly because it is just a very special place. 

I will share some gorgeous photos of our trip later in the week, but for now wanted to show you this beautiful new collection of blue and white ceramics from Sophie Conran. I am such a fan (if not a little obsessed by) blue and white crockery and if I had my way would have at least seven sets so I could use a different one for each day of the week! Sadly our kitchen doesn’t have enough storage to indulge such a fantasy, so for now I will just have to imagine this new set on my table!

The pieces from the collection are all lovely and I think that small bowls below of the tea cups and saucers would make a gorgeous present for Mother’s Day.

What is your interiors obsession? The one thing that you just couldn’t live without and would collect if space and money allowed?

Have a great Monday and see you later in the week!

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