Over the last decade, Laura and Patrick Butler-Madden have built their business renovating properties – overseeing all aspects from design, planning, construction through to completion. Having recently completed their eleventh project, they have shifted their focus and expanded their team in order to help more clients realise their own renovation dreams and visions.

With a passion for architectural history and a sense of sustainability, the studio focuses on re-working and breathing new life into period properties that might otherwise be considered too much of a challenge.

Laura Butler-Madden’s designs are fresh, serene and elegant. They give careful consideration to the architectural bones of a building, as well as the practicalities of homelife. The resultant home always exudes an over-riding sense of comfort and calmness.

Laura Butler-Madden offers a full package covering property finding, design, project management, installation and styling that can be tailored to individual client needs. All projects are approached with the aim of adding real value to the property from both a financial and emotional perspective

For more information or to discuss a potential project please email Laura at [email protected]

Pictures of Dorset Countryside