A beautiful bloom to celebrate the official start of Spring
March, 2011
A beautiful bloom to celebrate the official start of Spring
{Photography courtesy of www.butlermaddenphotography.com}

A few weeks ago in the Pollensa Sunday Market I visited the flower man, which is part of my weekly routine, to see what seasonal specials he has on offer. Just I was leaving with a few bunches of tulips (up until now my favourite Spring bloom), I spotted a tiny brightly coloured bunch sitting in a bucket on the corner of the stand.

These little bursts of colour (they are so petite that the best way to display them is in an oversize stemless wine glass) were introduced to me as a type of Ranuculus, from the same family as the Buttercup and a flower that I have never come across before now. They are absolutely gorgeous, look a bit like mini-peonies and come mainly in colours of red, orange, pink and white.

I have bought a bunch every week since and it’s the best 3.50€ I have ever spent. Each morning they are the first thing I see when I open my eyes and it’s such a lovely way to start the day.

Sadly the flower man told me yesterday that they will only be in season for another two weeks as they are a Spring flower, so to help me through the Ranuculus free months ahead I have decided to buy my own bulbs to create my own bloom for next year.

Coco loves the Ranuculus too!