Your Home: Cornish Kitchenware
June, 2011
Your Home: Cornish Kitchenware

There is something so lovely and comforting about the familiar blue and white stripes seen in children’s books, adverts, magazines, homes all over the country, which cosily reminds me of my childhood in the West Country. 

As I have today discovered when I stumbled across this lovely website, Cornish Kitchen Ware was first produced in 1926 by T.G.Green & Co in Church Gresley, Derbyshire, a county famed for its pottery. The range’s special characteristic came from the lathe-turning process, which cut clean bands through its beautiful blue slip to show the white clay beneath. It was apparently this that inspired the name, since it reminded one T.G.Green & Co. employee of the clear blues and white-tipped waves of Cornwall.

The range of kitchen and table ware, from the hooped plates to the iconic storage jars, was an immediate success and remained popular from then on. Now the company has a fantastic range of colourful tableware and you can also customise your own. I personally am a huge fan of the green and white collection, which is very collectable and I believe that these days original or antique pieces are pretty hard to track down.

{Images via TG Green}