Wildlife Inspired Wallpaper From Juliet Travers
October, 2013
Wildlife Inspired Wallpaper From Juliet Travers
Work is underway at home…that feels like a slight understatement….we now have no roof, no heating, no hot water, no carpet and a layer fine white dust filling the corridors. Leaving my bedroom this morning felt a bit like emerging from the otherside of the wardrobe into Narnia! 

As things are progressing so quickly, I am now faced with making final decisions about the finish and decoration of the house, so have spent a lovely few days browsing through magazines and online looking for inspiration. 

Yesterday I stumbled across this stunning new collection of wallpaper from Juliet Travers – based on a Safari theme, there are beautiful feathers and flamingos in her collection of wildlife inspired prints. Elegant and unique, I am thinking of feathers for the bedroom and flamingos for the downstairs loo!

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