When Cotton Just Won’t Cut It…
January, 2013
When Cotton Just Won’t Cut It…
After 2012 being the wettest year on record, we are now being warned this winter will be one of the coldest…maybe that means we’re in for a super summer? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

In the meantime I think it’s time to take some drastic action to stay cosy indoors and this stripey set of sheets from John Lewis could be just what I’m looking for. Made from flannelette, something you don’t come across much in 2013, these sheets will keep you nice and toasty. It’s a very rare occasion that would find me ditching the Egyptian Cotton, but with temperatures plummeting and snow falling, the feeling of soft flannelette on my feet at night is something I am most definitely craving. It reminds me of being a child and staying with my Grandparents – winter meant flannelette sheets, an electric blanket and at least one cup of tea in bed (made by the teasmaid) before starting the day!

What do you think? Flannelette…a stylish addition to your bedroom’s winter wardrobe or an absolute no no?

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the snow!



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