Puppy Love!
July, 2013
Puppy Love!

I’ve been away from Coco on holiday now for only a few days, but already I’m missing her like crazy! Luckily this morning these gorgeous images from Fenella Smith’s W-oof Pets Collection. I love the whole range, but particularly the Pug designs and Dachshund jugs! Not only do I adore her work, I also hugely admire her writing skills and talent for taking you back to your childhood. On her website she writes extremely evocatively about her own, her inspiration for her work, so I thought I would share a passage with you here:

“During our childhood we had a veritable menagerie: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, adopted horses, stick insects, fish… The veranda at the back of the house was lined with wellies of all shapes, sizes and colours, standing by ready for action. We children would scamper off into various corners of the garden, with the dogs trotting along behind, the cats watching inscrutably from a warm window sill and the rabbits, up on their hind legs, looking on curiously, nibbling dandelions.

Now we have all grown up, we own between us a motley crew of pets. Mine is a dog called Bramble, affectionately known as Woo. She is an utterly silly labrador, with paws that are far too big for her, and is beloved of all the family – except my brother Gregor, who protests that he dislikes dogs or indeed pets of any kind.

Ironically all the family animals love Gregor and make a beeline for him, especially Woo, whose feelings for him would be better described as adoration. Gregor is an illustrator and drew these quirky pets for my pottery, so I suspect that, deep down, he really does rather like them. A regular Doctor Doolittle, my brother.”

Something about the words she uses and the image she creates through them feels to me like having a lovely big hug!

Enjoy your day and have a lovely weekend.


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