June Moments

Apologies for the slight delay in getting this post up, we have been working crazily on the house and the garden this week to try and get all the last bits finished. It’s been a long old project – starting in February 2016, so almost 18 months and these last few weeks have been a real mix of excitement and stress!

For the whole month of June the house has been our main focus – we are really determined that by the time we come back from holiday in mid-August, that we will be coming home to an organised and finished home. The house itself is really getting there now – my office has finally been tidied and there will be more rooms ready to share with you soon. The garden has also been a huge challenge, but again we are now finally making some progress with this, which makes me really happy.

I hope you have had a lovely month? Other than working on the house and keeping up with work in general, we did manage a quick trip to Menorca, which was heavenly. Such a special island and excitingly we have found a property over there, which will hopefully be our next project. I can’t wait to share it with you soon!

We also had a lovely midweek mini break to Rye and stayed at the gorgeous Gallivant. It is super dog friendly, so Coco and Lola loved the trip too! Full post coming soon to the blog – in fact I have lots of posts to share soon, once the house is done I am really hoping that I will have a lot more time!

Have a lovely weekend.



June Moments

June Moments

Photography by Patrick Butler-Madden

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