Introducing Miranda Berrow Ceramics
May, 2013
Introducing Miranda Berrow Ceramics

Since I first stumbled across one of her beautiful teapots in a small interiors shop in the charming West Dorset town of Beaminster, I have become slighly obsessed with her work! Miranda Berrow has had a fascinating life, spending time in childhood between Canada, Spain and England, she then studied Ancient Civilizations in Paris at the Ecole du Louvre {something I wish I had done too, much more romantic and glamorous than Ancient History in Cardiff!}. She then travelled extensively in the Far East and Africa, before studying at St Martins School of Art in London and then settling in Dorset 14 years ago. The reason for this full explanation of her past is that all these experiences can be seen in her ceramic collection…Indian vegetable dyed cloth and weaving, Byzantine decoration and textiles, Persian lustre work…

She is so talented and I am dreaming of owning a full collection of her work one day – tea and cakes would seem so much more decadent and glamorous if the tea was sipped from one of her beautiful creations! I am hoping to get down to her workshop in Dorset for a visit later this summer, but in the meantime will be heading to a stockist that’s closer to London, The Burford Garden Company, I can’t wait! It’s also one of the only places I’ve discovered that sells Miranda’s work online…that dusty blue teapot is mine!

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{Images via Miranda Berrow)