Homes Away From Home: Sunset in Santorini
September, 2011
Homes Away From Home: Sunset in Santorini

Here is a big dose of sunshine to warm you up for the weekend!

Autumn breaks don’t get much more romantic than this…renting your own private cave set in the cliff-side on the coast of a Santorini. I love the simplicity of the design; Scandinavian inspired style, white, with just a splash of wood, neutral thread or flowers to liven things up. I am really loving this look at the moment and we’re planning to design the interior our cottage in a similar way, so you might see it quite a lot on the blog over coming months!

To book yourself one of these quirky, cavernous properties and catch the last rays of this year’s sun (they are set on Santorini’s sunset hub so it’s almost guaranteed) please visit

{Images via Mr & Mrs Smith}