Homes Away From Home: One Fine Stay
July, 2011
Homes Away From Home: One Fine Stay
A few weeks ago I stumbled across this wonderful new home-stay company, One Fine Stay.

What they are doing and how they are doing it is utterly fantastic; they offer a fresh alternative to staying in a hotel in London, allowing clients to live like a local without compromising at all on service and comfort. 

The branding, photography, marketing and overall concept are spot on, so much so that other than this small introduction, I will leave the description of this beautiful property on Faroe Road to them….enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

Sometimes the pace of central London can be almost overwhelming. Life strides. People press. The main roads breathe in fast, thick pants.

But veer off at just the right trajectory, and barely a hundred paces on the noise simply stops. It’s the way Londoners do it, of course: escape the hubbub into a residential reverie of local merchants, privet hedgerows, and a great wide calm.

But then, they know where to look.

In the dead centre of West Kensington is just such a hidden village. A few minutes West of Holland Park, and only half a mile from Westfield, now Europe’s largest urban shopping mall, it’s a world away from the throng.

Tucked into its nooks and crannies are gastropubs and daytime tearooms. And on one of its prettier terraced streets is this elegant 4 story townhouse.

A large sitting room extends to the back of the house and a view over the garden. The cook’s kitchen downstairs is also open plan and large enough for feast days. Heading up the stairs — pausing only to take off your shoes — you’ll discover one of London’s more beautiful bathrooms. The grand master bedroom is on the first floor, along with a second with a single bed, and a third room at the top with another double bed.
A further bathroom, with a shower, a utility room, and and the spacious back garden, unashamedly on the wild side of romantic, round out the property.

This is a house to read in. With a lyricism which has been lovingly crafted by its owner, a professor at the University of London, it’s a retreat, detached from the world.

Like all poetry, crafting a tone with this fluency has taken time. The furniture, fabrics, and fittings have been selected and restored over many years with care and subtlety.

No matter method, the result is an antidote to London. So pack your Wordsworth, and whether for a weekend or a fortnight, leave your own lines upon the seat of a yew tree.”

Sleeps 5, 3 bedroom prices from £265 per night. For more information on this and a selection of other fabulous properties go to