Delacroix, The National Gallery & Moroccan Rose
June, 2016
Delacroix, The National Gallery & Moroccan Rose
Last month I managed to just catch the Delacroix exhibition at the National Gallery before it closed. It was wonderful – so interesting to see works of this talented and lesser known artist, who was inspiration for so many of the great masters. Manet, Cézanne, Renoir, Van Gogh and Matisse all idolised his work and I too was blown away, particularly by his paintings of Morocco.
One of my favourite parts of visiting exhibitions is browsing in the shop afterwards. I love to buy gifts for people inspired by what I’ve just seen – I think I inherited this from my mother, as a child it seemed that Father Christmas spent rather a lot of time in the V&A or National Gallery gift shops!
So after the Delacroix I dived into the National Gallery shop, but this time instead of gifts for others, I treated myself to some amazing Moroccan rose treats and this weekend they really came in use; feeling very glum after Brexit I decided to pamper myself by decoating my bathroom with roses from the garden and run a lovely rose scented bath using the gorgeous Ren Rose Otto bath oil that I bought in the shop.  I also bought the amazing body scrub, body wash and body lotion as well as some lovely rose scented candles.
It was a full pampering exerience and definitely helped calm my mind and lift my mood!
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