For the second instalment of our Iceland trip, I want to take you to the stunning Ion Hotel in Thingvellir National Park. As I mentioned last week, the weather while we were there was beautiful and sunny…if you were sitting in the warm cosy indoors looking out, as the wind was up to 40 mph… Read More

I’ve been meaning to share these lovely pictures of our trip to Iceland for a few months now – we went in April when the snow was thawing and the skies were blue, but my goodness it was cold still! The wind was so strong – up to 40 miles an hour – so though… Read More

{Image by Patrick Butler-Madden} After hibernating through the first half of January with my head down, as there was so much work post Christmas break to catch up on, P and I have since disappeared off for a few weeks of warmth and R&R to one of my favourite places in all the world, Sri… Read More

Upgraded to Business Class on the way out! View of the city from my cab into Manhattan… Georgetown Cupcakes in Soho! A favourite with Katie Holmes & Suri… And with me…peanut butter fudge…amazing!                                Amazing architecture…          … Read More