Building & Renovating: Farewell to my First Project
June, 2011
Building & Renovating: Farewell to my First Project

Firstly I must apologise for my absence for the last week or so; the house which I completed last Autumn was sold two weeks ago and packing and moving has taken up most of my time, along with visiting my father who has been ill in hospital. Thankfully he is home now and recovering well and I have finished unpacking, so now have time to write again!

Saying goodbye to the first house I helped design and build was a lot harder than I thought. Although thrilled to have found a buyer who loves it at much as I do, I guess (due to the slow market) I had always thought it would take a little longer than it has. Last Friday I found myself standing alone in the large empty space and it felt like only moments earlier I had been standing there waiting for the furniture to arrive.

Six months has flown by and although I found it hard closing and locking the front door for the last time, I am starting to get excited about planning the next project.

For this one I will be me on my own without the support of the family business, so it will have to be much smaller and more affordable. I am looking ideally for a charming yet run-down cottage on the Dorset/Devon border that I can renovate to create a beautiful space for the high end holiday market…if any of you know of something suitable or have any ideas or recommendations for area then please let me know!