Bringing the Outside In…
June, 2012
Bringing the Outside In…
Thanks to the weather this week this post (which was going to be about picnicking) is now about bringing the outside in so that this weekend you can dine as if having a picnic, but in the comfort and warmth of your home. My inspiration for this piece came from on of my favourite blogs, A Beach Cottage, written by Sarah who emmigrated to Australia from the UK a few years ago, has amazing taste and appears to live a happy and idyllic exsistence just on the edge of Sydney. 

This table decoration and design is stunning and really does create a feeling of bringing and outdoor picnic inside. The gorgeous blue paisley patterned napkins, combined with the simple white ceramic and rattan placemats offer an effortlessly chic, but incredibly stylish setting. The large daisys (of which there are lots growing in the wild near here, so also possibly near you?) are a gorgeous way to create a casual flower display and hangind the lanterns is a great way to add atmosphere/make you feel like you are dining out under the stars! I love it and I hope you do too. 

Have a lovely weekend wherever you are and hopefully (weather permitting!) I can share my picnic post with you next week!

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{Images via A Beach Cottage}