Breeds by Fenella Smith & Brothers McLeod
December, 2014
Breeds by Fenella Smith & Brothers McLeod
I’m currently working on a post full of Christmas gift ideas, which I hope will be with you by the end of the week. In the meantime I wanted to share one of my favourite gift ideas for this Christmas.  Suitable for all dog lovers, this humorous book by Fenella Smith and The Brothers McLeod {her actual brothers} illustrates over 100 different dog breeds with amusing descriptions. The talented siblings have included everything from aloof Afghan’s to tearaway terriers, even my personal favourite, the Maltese terrier. It’s a good job Coco & Lola can’t read though as the description isn’t totally flattering!

For more information or to buy the book head to Amazon, where it is firmly on my wish list for Christmas!

I can’t wait to share my gift guide with you later this week where there will be more of Fenella’s lovely creations.


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{Images from Breeds by Fenella Smith & Brothers McLeod}