BM Wedding: Getting to the Church on Time!
May, 2013
BM Wedding: Getting to the Church on Time!

As the afternoon progressed the stormy weather continued and the wind really started to howl! We were relieved that most of our guests had arrived at Babington earlier in the day, as the roads were starting to flood making driving conditions terrible. Nevertheless I managed to get to the church on time, but my entrance wasn’t a particularly elegant one…the door was at the end of the Church and the trees behind formed a tunnel for the wind. As I was waiting outside trying to sort my dress, hair and fur wrap I was blown through the doors into the church, not exaclty the entrance I had planned! The service was perfect; a suitably eccentric country vicar, a local choir and string quartet, so many candles and the wind howling outside. As we said our vows witnessed by those closest to us, it felt like a scene from a Brontë novel, a magical time that neither of us will ever forget.


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{Images by Caught The Light}