Bedtime Rituals with Molton Brown
August, 2016
Bedtime Rituals with Molton Brown

Moving house! One of the most stressful things you can do and though Patrick and I do it more often than most, but despite that, nothing prepares you for the mental and physical chaos that ensues once you start to take your home apart and nothing is where it should be any more!

Whenever we move home it reminds me how much I need and appreciate all my things surrounding me and in being their proper place. Having your own little sanctuary away from the busy outside world is so important and I also like to create a sanctuary within that sanctuary; our bedroom. 

The rest of our house can be colourful or chaotic, but our bedroom is always a soothing calm space. I always choose cool, serene colours when working on the design. I love to create a space that you walk into and relax the moment your toes hit the lovely soft carpet – and a big part of that feeling for me is the scent.

So I was thrilled when Molton Brown launched their new Home & Linen Mists a couple of months ago as an addition to their gorgeous home scent range and for our bedroom I chose Orange & Bergamot to lift the spirits with the beautiful scent of an orange grove.

I love to layer scents and this range is perfect for that – I spritz our sheets with the linen spray before ironing them and then again each night before bed. There is nothing more indulgent that softly fragrant freshly ironed sheets! 

I also like to light the candle when I come to bed in the evening – whilst I potter, take my make up off and tidy up, the room gets gently scented and I always try to read for at least 30 minutes before going to sleep with the candle still burning. 

When I’m fully relaxed and my eyes are struggling to stay open, I blow out the candle and fall into a lovely deep sleep. Well most of the time anyway!


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Created in collaboration with Molton Brown. All words, opinions, styling & creative direction are my own.

{Photography by Patrick Butler-Madden}