A Happy Home for Another Rainy Day…
July, 2012
A Happy Home for Another Rainy Day…
Another rainy morning in Dorset and apologies for sounding slightly like a broken record, but this weather is getting beyond ridiculous now…it seems that the UK no longer has a Summer, it has sadly been replaced by a rainy season. 

In a bid to overcome the gloom I am mostly daydreaming about my holiday to Mallorca, which isn’t until the end of August and currently seems a million miles away, but I’m hoping will come round quickly, especially if things stay as they are here. I hope you are all surviving the damp and managing to keep spirits up? 

Something I find really helpful is browsing beautiful houses online – I have a huge range of favourite websites, from Rightmove and Prime Location (perfect for daydreaming about that dream purchase!) to blogs including the beautiful 79 Ideas, where I spotted this house belonging to talented photographer Debi Treolor. 

I love everything about it – her style is simply wonderful, the white wooden textured backdrop decorated with unique, vintage and colourful bits and pieces – very daydreamy!


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